About Company


We are niche marketing consultants for startups and existing businesses, especially in the SME segment. WMS assists businesses in realizing their full potential by restoring and enhancing the human touch.

There exist a host of media channels that may market your products, with varying success rate. The key is to engage the customer and manage the relationships with them. However many businesses are facing the danger of over-reliance on marketing technologies and softwares to interact with customer, instead of taking the time to personally engage their customer. Fact is, people buy from PEOPLE who understand them.

Our unique skill sets and experiences can put the spark of human connections back into businesses. We help to create strong bonds in customer relationship that can wither many economic storms and spark brand loyalty. We help to create a constant flow of ideas to be implemented into profitable business within shortest timeframes. This allows our customers to be extremely competitive and increase profits.

WMS has specialized in customizing and improving marketing systems. These systems are a blend of proven marketing processes and modern marketing technology. They create a measurable positive change in the areas of lead generation and sales. We partner with our clients in these areas to:

  • Create high impact and targeted marketing campaigns using customized and innovative solutions.
  • Increase marketing performance and reduce cost.
  • Assist in effective allocation of resources for marketing, branding, advertising and promotion.
  • Proactively manage the marketing process to reduce waste, lower risk and improve profits.
  • Exploit the social media and other contact technologies to:
    • Improve the relationship with the existing customers
    • To access new customer demographics
    • To perform targeted marketing in affordable ways

We understand the limitations of startups and SME segment companies. All our solutions are tailored to have:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick turnaround time from implementation to positive results.
  • Tried and tested applications that ensure success.
  • Personalized and highly customized solutions that integrate smoothly.

Our Work Team

  • Brandon Chan
    Brandon Chan
    “Marketing is about doing EVERYTHING that you need in order to attract and keep a customer” Many small & medium businesses have brilliant ideas, yet many failed to market them. This is usually due to the inability to develop good strategies and lack the practicalities of executing them. Feeling compelled to help, Brandon Chan co-founded Continue Reading...
  • Bernice Liew
    Bernice Liew
    Bernice Liew is the co-founder of Worldwide Marketing Specialist – Creative Marketing Consultant. She was a bachelor degree holder of Accounting & Finance from Charles Stuart University, Australia. Her passion in marketing and business development launched her entrepreneur life since 2005. Given an opportunity, she was involved in a few business start-ups in the IT Continue Reading...