Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Intelligent Participation.Interactive Conversation.Fun Engagement

Your reputation is of utmost importance. It goes a long way in creating and increasing the value perception of all your products and services. WMS’s Social Media Management Services are designed to be socially active with your customers, find mentions of your brand, positively re-enforce branding and protect against negative brand associations.

It is not enough to simply create a media group page and then advertise it. It may get the initial links but will not impact you positively in any manner. Without useful content and continuous targeted interaction, it is impossible to build useful and positive communities that in turn affect brand loyalty and profits.

Our social media consultants assist our customers with the tools they need. Even if you have run into a situation where you have a dead or potentially negative community reputation, we can assist by:

  • Analyzing the areas that are creating the damage or are non-productive.
  • Localizing the damage and initiate counter measures to permanently eliminate them.
  • Activate tasks that will result in positive brand loyalty, increase in brand value, high customer retention, repeat orders and thus higher profits.
  • Improve the overall online presence.

WMS’s Social Media Management services include:

  • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: We develop custom strategies for viral marketing and serious customer service concerns. We are discrete and incredibly effective when we do the work.
  • PAY AS YOU USE: The FIRST Social Media Management in Asia that offers pay as you use the services. There’s no contract, you can always end whenever you want.
  • ONLINE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Our online campaign is built to meet your objective by prospecting your target market. Every campaign is managed by a team of social media strategists. There are massive numbers of tasks and actions, on a daily basis,during and after the campaign which assist in meeting your objectives. Each campaign is delivered successfully in blocks of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of service.